I make stuff


I like making stuff. I make websites and communities and hats and poems and pictures and messes. Lots of messes. Usually they're beautiful messes.


The word for someone who makes beautiful messes is bricoleuse. Or poet. Mostly I call myself a poet. They both mean maker.

You can find out more about me and how to connect with me at Barbara L.M. Handley, but don't feel obliged.

Stuff I Made


strange loop

The land of Subtle Conceptual Conceptions, Strange Loop is my personal blog. I write about anything I want here: poetry, code, feminism, cool science, funny videos, interesting stuff.

The Impossible Only Costs a Little Extra

My previous personal blog. Seven years of dramatic posts about life, love, and shit that's fucked up.


Bricoleuse was the last incarnation of a website that started with resources related to Ishmael by Daniel Quin, went through a turn as the Maia Community site, and wound up as my unsuccessful attempt to save the world, environmentally speaking.



An educational resource website aimed at parents homeschooling deaf and hard-of-hearing children.


Previously a homeschool support group website, now a collection of resources. Or it will be when I've finished that project.

TCC Maven

Articles and resources for practical Continuum living. Boy does this site need a redesign. I actually want to reinvent it as a wiki.

Briaca's Desmesne

From my days playing in the SCA. Lots of medieval art and some instructions for making garb. Likely the photos need updating. I didn't look.


My family history. Pieces of it anyway.

Deviant Redcap

Deviant Redcap used to be a critique community. Soon it will be a kick-ass place to find my poetry.


My somewhat anarchistic attempt to save the world.

4000 Books

This started as a list of recommended books. It used to be hosted here and called "Senvara Reviews". I decided to redesign it and move it a couple of years ago. Haven't finished yet.


Until recently I had some of my poetry, drawings, photography, and other stuff here. It was sort of a portfolio site. I'm currently reworking it.

Barbara L.M. Handley

My personal official author site. Or something like that.

Quintessential Mischief

My company's website. Like so many others, it needs work. The cobbler's children go barefoot, you know? Web development portfolio coming soon.


You're already here, but I can't leave it out. ;-)


Continuum Concept Support Forum

The Continuum Concept Support Forum is a forum for discussion of topics related to Jean Liedloff's 1975 book The Continuum Concept, and implementing those concepts in our own lives.


The Eugene-Springfield Homeschool Association was an inclusive homeschool support group I founded and ran from 2001 to 2005.

Freecycle Eugene

I ran a local Freecycle group for three years. Was very successful. Hoping to have resources to share soon. (Yes, another project)

Maia Community

My most spectacular failure. A stillborn intentional community. You know how breaking up really sucks? Try doing it with all your friends at once. Three marriages did not survive this community.

Deviant Redcap

A writing and critique community. One of those things a bunch of people were excited about and then didn't really show up for. I'm repurposing it.

The Nurture Circle

A brief, but glorious, adventure with forming a support group for moms in two cities. Drama eats shit, y'all, and makes people not wanna run groups.