Photo of Barbara sitting naked on the bed embracing a pillow

Vulnerability apocalypse

If you’ve been paying even peripheral attention, it is no secret that my life has been a complete shitstorm for about six months. I’ve pretty much given up on trying to make that change and have instead decided to embrace this as a time of great change. Whatever the fuck is going on and whatever […]

Heceta Beach in Florence, Oregon

This is my work

I am going to offer something, a gift, and ask something. The gift is this song. My request is that you listen to it before reading what I have to say. You may also wish to listen to it as you read, but listen once and pay attention to the lyrics. Recently I went on […]

The reasons why

Favorite Guy gave me a loving cup full of reasons he loved me for Christmas in 2008. It was the best present anyone has ever given me. I wanted to save them forever, so I tried to make a collage and glued a bunch of them to art paper with spray adhesive. It quickly became […]

Recent News

Getting ready for fire

I’ve been removing the terrible ugly old woven blinds and adding them to the burn pile down by the barn. I try to do one a day. So far I’ve removed three in the last week (plus the bedroom blind I removed a month ago). Halfway done. It’s been hot this week and Lilura has […]

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Never or Now

I inhaled the new season of Gilmore Girls over Thanksgiving weekend. Since then I’ve watched Summer about 10 times and Wild 5 times because I was so struck by “Somehow, it’s never or now.” There is a point in life when it becomes too late to do some of the things we meant to do, […]

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Ryan Reynolds is a little ray of sunshine

This made me smile. Maybe it will make you smile as well.

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Cabinet of Curiosities 2

She’s gone. Like a balloon on the wind. Do you wanna know the story? Let me know!!! I’ll write them all.

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Cabinet of Curiosities 1

La Tormenta Do you wanna know the story? Tell me and I’ll write it!!!

My March and Forever thing

My home is a Cabinet of Curiosities. I am continually enhancing it. I’ve decided that my March project (but probably […]

4 days without underwear

So, I woke up this morning and my brain was trying to kill me. I thinking it was warming up […]

Secrets caught

I clean my glasses every day. And every day they look like this again. I am grief walking and there […]

Toxic mistake

Two hours before I took this photo, my doctor called and told me I’d tested positive for HPV, the kind […]

I am my only enemy

I managed to do this all by myself. It was late. It was late enough I was limping pretty significantly […]