“Did I park on the right side?”

“It’s Saturday.”

“Then the answer is yes.” 1


  1. I just finished watching Me and You and Everyone We Know and I’m feeling inspired by Miranda July2

  2. I have hundreds of these little fragments of conversation. I write them down and mostly never do anything with them. Some even go on a few hundred words. It just occurred to me that maybe I should just put them up here. No explanation or context or extension, just the little things themselves.3 I’m even thinking about changing the license on my blog to Creative Commons.4

  3. Yes, I know the footnotes are longer than the post. I kinda like that it. I think most of the really important stuff in life happens in the subtext. I live in the footnotes.

  4. This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time5 because I really like the ideas behind Creative Commons, but I also have misgivings, mostly because many people don’t understand the license.6

  5. 3 years at least

  6. Not entirely true. I feel a tremendous amount of ownership over my work, so while I support Creative Commons in theory, I find it a little challenging on a personal level.7 On the other hand, I’m not in this for the personal recognition.8

  7. I’m very protective of all my spaces. Ask anyone who knows me.

  8. All I really care about is you. And me. And this space that we are standing in together.9

  9. And my hope is that in that space the universe is ringing the harmonics of truth.10

  10. Llamar a tocar a la puerta.