I heard the squeak that pretty reliably indicates that Favorite Guy had gotten out of the shower,1 so, I walked into the sitting room2 with my iPhone in my hand and said, “It is too early in the morning to be learning about this kind of bullshit!”4

And Favorite Guy laughed and said, “You’re amazing!” without having idea what I was talking about. I didn’t ask what he meant because I was pretty sure it wasn’t a compliment, but more of an, ahem, comment about my delightfully quirky way of saying things like I’m in the middle of a conversation with him when I’m not.

It must be so awesome to live with me. He’s a very lucky guy.


  1. It would be pretty funny if I left you wondering exactly why he squeaks while exiting the shower, but I’m going to end the suspense and reveal that I’m actually talking about the sound the bathroom door makes. It’s a 120 year old house and all the doors and hinges are original. They complain about their age.

  2. We call it the sitting room because that’s what we do in there. We sit looking at the pretty pictures appearing on the tv courtesy of Netflix. It is also our dressing room, although it used to be our bedroom even though it’s technically a dining room, I think.

    We slept in there for three and half years, but last fall we moved our bedroom into the room that used to be Favorite Guy’s office, and he moved his office into the room that used to the be the Room of Requirement,3 but is technically a kitchen. Next month he’s moving his office to a mystery location and Daughter#1 is moving into the office/kitchen as a sort of mini-apartment.

  3. Room of Requirement is a reference to Harry Potter. Basically it was a hang-out space for crafts and computers and homeschooling. But they made a horrible mess in there so we took it away from them, and now they make a horrible mess everywhere else.

  4. @sxipshirey shared this horrifying story about streetlights that talk, shoot video, and can record conversations.